822 N. Highland Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30306

Phone: 404-874-7147

July 11, 2020
We are temporarily closing.
After much discussion, Limerick Junction has decided to temporarily close in the wake of current COVID-19 infections and the mayor's order to move back to Phase 1 of the reopening schedule.
Since reopening 7 weeks ago, we have followed all of the health and safety protocols from the Governor’s office. We have been masked, gloved, sanitized, temperature tested, and clean. We have encouraged social distancing, limited our hours, removed tables, and recently required masks.  
While following these protocols in-house has kept our staff and customers safe, it obviously has had no effect on the general public outside of these walls. As infections continue to rise, we cannot ignore the implications of keeping a business open that thrives on close contact between customers and staff; that makes wearing a mask in public difficult; that promotes socializing with strangers instead of social distancing.
We are discussing options for ways to reopen the business in a safer environment as we move forward through this pandemic. When we reach a conclusion about how to reopen, we will update you all.
We will plan a few events during this shutdown period, such as soccer matches. Stay in touch for updates on those. Please feel free to reach out to us with inquiries for your own special events.  
We hope that everyone stays safe. We care about your health above all else; hence why we always toast “Sláinte:” To your Health!
May 19, 2020
We are now open from 5pm to midnight, 7 days a week. A limited menu is available.
We will continue to follow all CDC guidelines, including practicing social distancing.  
Thank you for all of your support. We look forward to seeing you soon!

April 23, 2020

As you may be aware, Governor Kemp's new guidelines allow us to reopen this Monday April 27th. Yea or nay!?


We have made a difficult but conscientiously easy decision to not reopen at this time. The safety of our family (you and our crew) is our #1 priority.


We are closely monitoring any updates from our Mayor's office and better informed leaders in the Health & Wellness profession.

We have not chosen a specific date to reopen but we intend to review on April 30th at the scheduled end of "Shelter in Place" and will have an update to you by May 3rd.


Many, many thanks to you all for the overwhelming support for our staff during these challenging times.

Joshua Jacob
General Manager
Limerick Junction Pub

April 4, 2020

Hey fam! Just wanted to throw an update out here:
    - We at Limerick Junction Irish Pub are doing what we can to help our staff. This includes applying for grants and relief that can go directly to staff.
    - We are also working on finding funding and loans to keep Limerick Junction going while this is happening. We will make sure that there still is a pub to come back to once this has passed.
    - However, most of this is backlogged and could take months to be distributed.
    - If you would like to personally donate money please use the button below.
    - As a bonus, we will send a free LJP t-shirt (while supplies last) to anyone who donates $40. Just send a message directly to Josh with your shipping information and size you want. Each additional $40 donation will get you another shirt.


We appreciate all the support we have had over the last 32 years and we look forward to many, many more. Those of you who have reached out personally to our staff have been embraced from afar. It has meant the world to Megan, Rebecca, Denise, Scott, Justin, and Josh.

Check back for continued updates and be sure to check out instagram, @limerickjunctionpub, for our beautification efforts.